Aadya by kadambari- Handmade Upcycled Tribal Earrings made from brass and copper

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Rs. 525

Kadambari an enigma

It is a brand that works with the craftsmen of Rural India in recreating dreams and passion on various products. They believe in providing sustainable employment to the rural artisans and bring out the best of their skills to the world. All the products of Kadambari are handcurated with passion. The designs are either done by the brand Kadambari or by those artisans themselves

Aadya by Brand Kadambari

These are hand crafted tribal jewellery made of brass or copper. the material are obtained from different sources. Basically they are discarded metal pieces that have been upcycled into beautiful and breathtaking art pieces.

Sarasu is proud to be associated with Kadambari, which not only provides livelihood to the artisans but also brings to you lovely art pieces which are not only breathtaking but also ethical.

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