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Being an ardent handloom fan from my childhood, I always wanted to start a handloom store. I have heard stories about the plight of the handloom weavers, but after visiting the houses of many weavers, I found that whatever I heard was only the tip of the iceberg. The weavers work long hours just to make ends meet. Their situation is very pathetic. We visited the house of a weaver who won the national award for weaving a saree that fits in a match box. During the visit we found out that his relative, also a weaver, committed suicide a few days before due to financial problems. The dead man's wife was working alongside her father-in-law on a new saree.
Sarasu.in started with social entrepreneurship in mind. Having seen the plight of the weavers, we have decided to be socially responsible and  entertain only handloom and hand-made products on our site and try to alleviate at least some of the sufferings of the weavers and artisans. At the same time we want our customers to have the best products at best prices that they can relish and enjoy for a long time.

We have several tie-ups with weavers, weavers' societies, government organizations and women's & backward people's self-help groups.
Sarasu.in believes in "Elegance in Simplicity" and strives to bring you the best in terms of comfort, style and quality. Through this social-entrepreneurship we want to create value and objects of beauty for our customers.
Sarasu.in also encourages you to make handlooms a part of your life.
We deal with Ikat, Pochampally, Narayanpet, Sambalpur, Pedana, Uppada, Kalamkari, Gadwal, Chirala, Mangalagiri, Pulkari to name a few.

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