Pochampally Handloom Park dress material- Double Ikat Blue kurta material and Blue and Red Dupatta and Red Border

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Rs. 3,100
Fabric : Cotton
Care : Dry Clean for the first time

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Pochampally Ikat two piece dress material- Double Ikat Blue kurta, Blue and Red Dupatta and Red Bottom

Colour- Blue White and Red

Patters- White Triangles on Blue Double Ikat kurta 2/80 count;

              Blue Singke Ikat Dupatta with red border 

              Red Mangalagiri Bottom, Plain

length- Kurta Material- 2. 50 metres

            Dupaatta- 2.50 metres

            Salwar- 2.2 metres

Weight- 750 grams

Care- Dry wash for the first time. 
mild detergent wash, dry it in shade

40 kms away from Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana lies Bhoodan Pochampally. The simple and small village is known for its Ravishingly beautiful ikkat fabrics. Pochampally, mothukur, Koyyalagudem, Siripur, Boduppal and Puttapaka and near by villages of Nalgonda district have been into weaving of Ikkat fabrics since ages. However the fabrics woven in all these places are collectively known as pochampally fabrics. Pochampally fabrics have found place in UNESCO list of world heritage sites as part of iconic saree weaving clusters of India. Pochampally saree received Geographical Indication (GI) status in 2005.

The pochampally designs are woven into intricate geometric designs. The fabrics are cotton, silk and silk- cottons. What makes Pochampally fabrics unique is the fact that the yarn is tied and dyed before weaving. Giving the fabric geometrical patters and designs after the yarn is tied and dyed is extremely labour intensive. The colour contrast and the combinations are catchy and very vibrant. It gives the wearer a very dignified and magnificient feel and look. As these designs are never out of fashion and as these fabric's quality remains intact, one can wear them for many years and even pass them to next generation.


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