Pochampally Handloom Park- Single Ikat sky Blue on Royal blue

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Colour- Pochampally Handloom Park- Single Ikat sky Blue on Royal blue

Pattern- Single Ikat, Count- 1/100

length- 2.5 metres

Care- Dry wash for the first time. 
mild detergent wash, dry it in shade

Spred over more than 20 acres, Pochampally Handloom park lies on the outskirts of Pochampally Village of Nalgonda district. It is the joint initiative of Ministry of Textiles, Telangana Government and IL and FS Cluster development Initiative. This was formed with a view to provide sustainable employment and upliftment of living conditions of handloom weavers of Pochampally. It was formed in the year 2008 and so far they have supported more than 500 weaver families.
Handloom park has not only been supplying Ikat handlooms in India but also in countries like Japan, United States of America and Italy. The designs innovated and woven by Pochampally Hnadloom Park have been showcased in Paris fashion Runways.

Pochampally Handloom Park works hand in hand with ikat weavers. As there are no middlemen involved, Weavers get a fare share of their hardwork. It give employment and supports to women weavers too. The beautiful and innovative designs are created by fashion graduates from Mumbai and Hyderabad. The colours are Azo free and are skin friendly.

Every piece of handloom sold at Pochampally Handloom Park comes with a ‘Handloom Mark’ which guarantees the genuineness of the it being a handwoven product..

Sarasu.in feels proud to be associated with Pochampally Handloom Park which promises quality, sustainability and genuinity of their products apart from being breathtakingly beautiful and unique.


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