Malkha- Earthy Brown Kurta material with Lambani Embrodery

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Malkha Kurta material with Lambani Embrodery

Colour- Earthy Brown Kurtha Material With Lambani Embroidery

Patters- Lambani/ Banjara Embroidery


Malkha Fabric

For an Indian Khadi is not just a cloth, it is a feeling which we equate with Indian independence. And the word khadi reminds us of the Father of Our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi himself. It was through this cloth Mahatma advocated self reliance rather than depending on the powerloomed foreign fabric. Thus gave birth to Swadesi Movement. After Independence slowely the essence of this superb cloth was lost and people preferred cheaper powerloomed fabrics. 

Malkha is abbreviation of Malmal Khadi. It stands for a decentralised, sustainable, field-to-fabric cotton textile chain, collectively owned and managed by the primary producers – the farmers, the ginners, the spinners, the dyers and the weavers. In contrast to the machine made yarn or machine produced fabric, this ethical fabric rspects nature and creates sustainable employment to people involved from farm to fabric (from farmers to weavers) and much beyond. Malkha yarn is made in small scale yarn making units rather than large spinning mills. As the cotton fibres are handled gently, the quality of the yarn is retained.Cotton lint that goes into the making of malkha yarn is subjected to neither baling nor unbaling – processes that destroy the elasticity, springiness, absorbency and lustre natural to cotton.

What makes Malkha fabric special is its ability to breathe, its is an all season fabric which keeps one cool in summers and warm in winters. Another interesting feature about Malkha organisation is that they use only vegetable/Natural dyes which holds colours. All these features sum up to make Malkha material an extremely comfortable, organic and ecofriendly cloth.  

Lambani Embroidery:

Banjaras are also called as Lambadas or Lambanis. They are Semi- Nomadic people who live in south, Central and western India. Sarasu employs the Clusters of Lambani woman from Telangana to get the beautiful work done.The Banjara woman are specialised in beautiful hand embroidery with or without mirrors are vibrant and very beautiful. The uniqueness of Lamban embroidery is that they do not use 'maggam' The motifs and designs they stich on fabrics are very intricate and neat. The contrast high quality threads they use for embroidery doesnt bleed and spoil the cloth. 

The combination of Malkha and Lambani is an out of the box idea. The look is both rustic as well as modern, the stylish and extremely comfortable to wear clothing will keep on going and will not fade with wash or time. Indulge in something new, something stare worthy, something which takes you to the Indian roots. 

Note: The colours used are Organic and natural, hence few colours aren't very bright like chemical dyes. The whole process of malkha cloth weaving are through hand, No electricity or large mills are used. Hence, there will be minor imperfections in the fabric which adds to the beauty of the fabric. These imperfections actually distinguishes a handloom fabric from powerloom. 


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