Linen By Santipur- Beige Body With Red and yellow border Border saree, Marron Pallu and Maroon blouse

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Material : Linen
Care : Dry Clean for the first time

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Linen By Santipur- Beige Body With Red and yellow border Border saree, Marron Pallu and Maroon blouse comes with handloom mark

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics known to mankind. Linen is the byproduct of Flax plant. The fabric, though a little heavier is very comfortable and breathable. Usually in earthy hues these fabrics give an onlooker and wearer a very pleasent feel. It's sweat absorbance is higher than cotton making them perfect for hot summers. 

Shantipur (also known as Santipur) is a city and a municipality in Nadia district in the Indian state of West Bengal. This small town has been declared a city recently.Santipur is famous for handloom sarees from ancient times. After the partition of India, many weavers came from Dhaka of Bangladesh and started to reside here in Phulia region, which is a Panchayat area of Santipur.. Many skilled weavers from Dhaka, in current day Bangladesh, migrated into West Bengal and settled around the cities of Shantipur and Kalna (Ambika Kalna) of Bardhaman district. Both are traditionally renowned centers for producing hand-woven fabrics sold throughout the country. Through government support for Indian handicrafts and arts, the weaving community slowly grew and thrived. Saris and finely woven feather-touch textiles are still being produced in the same traditional method today.

These beautiful drapes not only enhance the beauty of a woman but also very comfortable in summers, being a very breatheable fabric. A perect blend of style and comfort.


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